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All of the donations collected by

People Against Fatality are intended to support development of ambitious projects to save the planet.

The implemented means range from simple subvention to purchase of shares in capital, including refundable aid depending on the case. 

An investment committee constituted of representatives of the endowment fund, of the already supported firms and external experts will select the most promising projects. Then, it will elaborate a tailored way to help them.

A fund to go beyond the fatalistic objectives of COP21

The projects we support must provide concrete solutions to stave off consumerism while regenerating our damaged ecosystem.

The avowed ambition of People against Fatality is to increase action in combating climate change, to exceed the far insufficient objectives of COP21. We want to believe it is possible for humanity to continue to develop while respecting its ecosystem and repairing the already made damages.

Our goal is also to provide faster and further the required funds to ecological project holders, so they can get through the difficult first years of research

We also aim to help them optimize the forecast of traditional fundraising.


The demonstration that ideas have a true industrial and ecological potential is essential and our main ambition. However, it is still not enough. 

When innovative projects show their full capacities at pilot scale, they still require funds for their industrialisation, often involving hundreds of millions of euros or even more. It can be a delicate process. 

As we cannot provide as much funds as the large companies, People Against Fatality promotes its supported projects to large financial institutions.